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is it possible to hate and love someone at the same time?? bleh

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if you reblog pictures of self harm you’re making those people want to self harm more to get likes, followers and attention. you’re also making self harm look like a good way to get followers. don’t make blogs dedicated to self harm and depression unless its there to help people not trigger them.

if you post pictures of your self harm for attention there’s clearly some other kind of mental health issue going on other than depression. if you need help dont seek it through tumblr, get help from your doctor, school, college or anyone that can actually give you genuine advice and help to make you better.

self harm isn’t beautiful, it isn’t cool and it isn’t the way you should want your life to be. i hate tumblr for making self harm look ‘grunge’ and like its a fucking fashion statement.

nothing against people who self harm, just get your life sorted before it turns into something worse than it already seems to be.

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